Tender 10/2014 Specification for Neck Tie & Scarf *New*

Tender 9/2014 Specification for Enveloping Machine *New*

Tender 8/2014 Supply of Office Chairs; Specifications*New*

Tender 7/2014 Sale of Office Equipments & Assorted Items*New*

Tender 6/2014 Specification for RTC Accommodation Facility*New*

Tender 5/2014 Specifications for Nadi Office Refurbishment*New*

Tender 4/2014 Tender Specification for Network Switches

Tender 3/2014 Tender Specification for Laser Printers

Tender 2/2014 Tender Specifications for Desktop Computers

Tender 1/2014 EOI Licensed Auctioneer

Tender 17/2013 Burnt Yacht Ohio (Closed)

Tender 16/2013 Sale of Shares (Closed)

Tender 15/2013 FRCA Wharf Office Fitout (Closed)

Expression of Interest- Licensed Auctioneer (closed)

Tender 13/2013 Specifications for Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence System(closed)

Tender 12/2013 Specifications for general Risk Insurance program; General risk Schedule(closed)

Tender 11/2013 Sale of Motor Vehicles(closed)

Tender 10/2013 Specifications for printing of Tax forms(closed)

Tender 9/2013 Specifications for supply of Gym Equipments , Tender Gym Equipments (closed)

Tender (8/2013) Specifications for Notebook Computers  (closed)

Expression of Interest- Specifications for the Establishment of a K9 Unit (closed)

Expression of Interest- Establishment of a Customs K9 Unit (closed)

Expression of Interest (6/2013) – Valuation of Property  (closed)

Expression of Interest – Feasibility Study for Single Window System (Closed)

Tender (5/2013) Supply of Office Stationeries (Closed)

Tender (4/2013)  For Supply and Sales of Motor Vehicles (Closed)

Tender   (3/2013) Architectural Services (Closed)

Tender   (2/2013) Specifications  for Building Maintenance (Closed)

Tender (1/2013 ) Specifications  for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) (Closed)



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