Executive Management

Mr. Jitoko Tikolevu – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Tikolevu was appointed Chief Executive Officer in November 2007.

Mr. Tikolevu is responsible for the overall strategic leadership and management of the Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority (FRCA), ensuring that operations maximize revenue collection and facilitate trade and cooperation between regional and trading partner countries.

Mr. Tikolevu has 31 years FRCA industry experience.

Telephone:(679) 324 3002 Fax:(679) 331 5537

Email: jtikolevu@frca.org.fj

Mrs. Arieta Dimuri – General Manager Corporate Services & Board Secretary

Mrs. Dimuri was appointed Board Secretary in November 2006 and assumed the additional role of General Manager Corporate Services in 2008.

She is responsible for corporate services activities which include corporate planning and policies, international liaison, legal, finance, internal assurance, audits, human resources, training and records management.

Mrs. Dimuri is a professional civil servant with 7 years FRCA industry experience.

Telephone:(679) 324 3007 Fax:(679) 331 5537

Email: adimuri@frca.org.fj

Mr. Visvanath Das – General Manager Taxation

Mr. Dass was appointed General Manager Taxation in April 2015.

He is responsible for the overall management and leadership of taxation services which include revenue collection, audit compliance, debt management, fraud and evasion, gold card and customer service center.

Mr. Dass has 18 years taxation experience. He is a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) of the Taxation Institute of Australia and member of Internal Auditors Fiji Chapter.

Telephone:(679) 324 3009 Fax:(679) 3302993

Email: vdas@frca.org.fj

Mrs. Emily Yalimaiwai- National Manager Finance

Ms. Yalimaiwai was appointed National Manager Finance in August 2009.

She is responsible for FRCA’s financial services, business development and projects, building and properties management and facilities.

Ms. Yalimaiwai has 5 years of industry experience.

Telephone:(679) 3243102 Fax:(679) 3301314

Email: eyalimaiwai@frca.org.fj

Mr. Fazrul Rahman – National Manager Policy

Mr. Rahman was appointed National Manager Policy in August 2009.

He is responsible for FRCA’s external policies and business operations are based on sound contemporary research analysis and economic modeling. He is also responsible for international relations and public relations.

Mr. Rahman has 12 years of industry experience.

Telephone:(679) 3243021 Fax:(679) 3302321

Email: frahman@frca.org.fj

Mr. Fereti Solomone – National Manager Internal Assurance

Mr. Solomone was appointed National Manager Internal Assurance in October 2008.

He is responsible for internal auditing and compliance, ethical investigations, risk management and business continuity.

Mr. Solomone has 15 years of industry experience.

Telephone:(679) 324 3130 Fax:(679) 330 1314

Email: fsolomone@frca.org.fj

Mrs. Koni Ravono – National Manager Audit Compliance

Mrs. Ravono was appointed National Manager Audit Compliance in August 2012.

She is responsible for ensuring the collection of tax revenue through voluntary compliance and audits of businesses in Fiji.

Mrs. Ravono has 14 years of industry experience and is a member of the Fiji Institute of Accountants.

Telephone:(679) 324 3602 Fax:(679) 330 5624

Email: kravono@frca.org.fj

Mr. Kumar Sami Goundar – National Manager Revenue, Customs

Mr. Goundar was appointed National Manager Revenue Collection, Customs in August 2009.

He is responsible for ensuring that all customs revenue are collected through strategic and operational leadership at the Borders.

Mr. Goundar has 37 years customs industry experience.

Telephone:(679) 324 3351 Fax:(679) 330 5138

Email: kgoundar@frca.org.fj

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