Debt Management Services

Lodgement Enforcement and Amendment Services

The Debt Management, Lodgement Enforcement and Amendments Service Section is more commonly known as the Debt Management Services and primarily responsible for:

  1. Coordinating lodgement enforcement activities through the Lodgement Enforcement Unit (LEU)
  2. Managing tax debtors through the Debt Management Unit (DMU) and
  3. Processing of amendment requests by taxpayers through the Amendments and Correspondence Control Unit (ACCU).

FRCA is the single major revenue collector tasked for collecting 90% of the Government revenues through effective and efficient tax administration.

Debt Management Unit (DMU)

DMU is tasked to collect current taxes as well as any overdue taxes on account. As soon as your tax assessment is processed, a Notice of Assessment and a Statement of Tax Account will be sent to you indicating your tax position – a tax refund or a tax payable. You should immediately contact the Tax Office to be directed to your Case Manager for a satisfactory payment arrangement.

All tax payables are given 30 days from the date of issuance of Notice of Assessment to be paid without incurring any interest penalties.

In the event, you are unable to clear your tax debt within the 30 days grace period; your account will incur a Late Payment Penalties (LPP) of initial 25% of the amount of unpaid tax. If you fail to pay your tax arrears, you will be charged a further interest penalty of 5% of the amount of unpaid tax for each month of default thereafter.

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